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  • Local — and unlimited: Search by individual street address and get instant access to FREE hail, wind, and snow swaths including a 3-year history report
  • Identify storm jobs: View hail, wind, and snow events at a state-by-state level to identify the roofs that may need your services
  • Plan your jobs: Determine the best day/time to schedule jobs by determining when and where severe weather might strike
  • Save time: A consolidated, easy-to-use tool for all critical weather information; no need to view multiple weather apps and websites
  • Instant and up to date: See hourly forecasts, minute-by-minute rain start/stop times, live radar, and extended 45-day forecasts
  • Convenient: Access on mobile phones/devices as well as desktop computers

How much could you save?
How does $7,025* sound?

In dollars and cents:
Let's say you complete 100 roofs per year.
The average cost to look up each address is $40.
That's $4,000 so far!

Add in the annual average cost for
a comparable weather program that
does everything ours does (about $3,025).
That's a total of $7,025.*

GAF WeatherHub powered by Accuweather will help
you save – no matter what your certification level is.

*Values based on similar services available in market.


Master Elite®, Master, Master Select™, or Premium Coatings Systems Contractors

First License FREE

Each Additional License: $120/year
(only $10 a month!)

Certified™, Authorized™ Contractors, and Authorized™ Home Builders

First License $299/year (40% discount)

Each Additional License: $120/year
(only $10 a month!)

Non Factory-Certified

First License $499/year

Each Additional License: $120/year
(only $10 a month!)

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